How to effectively manage your time?
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How to effectively manage your time?

It seems that it is getting harder and harder to manage our time every day. With our life becoming a big social media, smart phones and apps that are constantly interrupting us to tell us about the latest news, and texts coming from every one that we know while expecting to be answered immediately, it is harder to prioritize our tasks during the day. Yet, it is one of the most important factors of our life to be able to manage our time or it will undermine our success.

What can I do?

I will take a schedule book, or use the calendar on my computer or smart phone. Fill in the most important factors that are fixed in schedule such as sleeping time, and work time. Add Hygiene, exercise, and eating time. Add household chores, shopping, and preparation for food and home life activity time. Then add socialization and family time.
I will record my time for preparation and action toward different tasks for a week. This will show me how much in reality me spend on each task. This reality check will help me schedule more accurately and revise the time allowed if necessary or become more efficient in completing the task.
I allow and schedule time for reading email and using social media and avoid responding to all interruptions from calls and/or texts when concentrating on a task.
I will write a to do list every night before I sleep for the next day
I will review my to do list and prioritize it
I become conscious of every task by visualizing the result I intend to create, from the start
If I did not complete a task, I will reschedule it for another time. If it is not in my schedule, most probably will fade away
I will stay on my commitment to be efficient in life rather than allowing my life to be stirred by my mood. So when I feel lazy or want to procrastinate, I will remind myself of my commitment.